Why you should use a specialists?

Buying Barrie lakefront property is unlike any other real estate purchase in the area. You are not only buying a house, you are buying a lake and the lifestyle. There are many more variables at play to protect your investment and insure your expectations are met.

Krista Alkerton has distinguished herself as a knowledgeable Realtor for in town properties, luxury homes and especially waterfront property for sale on Lake Simcoe.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should use a waterfront specialist when making the sizable investment involved in purchasing a piece of paradise on the water.

Barrie Waterfront Property

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Krista has been selling Barrie Waterfront Property for 17 years and understands the intimate details of the area lakes & the properties located on them. She understands the right questions to ask, the most common pitfalls, and deploys the most effective strategies possible to negotiate the best deal possible for clients making their dream lake home purchase. What parts of the lake have the best sunsets, sunrises, views, least traffic, most traffic, best water quality and what areas stand to be effected negatively and positively from future growth and development trends.
  2. CONVENIENCE: Krista prides herself in obtaining a deep understanding of your lakefront home wants and needs. She becomes your “Personal Lakefront Assistant” saving you time by qualifying homes in advance and pre-screening locations to ensure they meet your needs. She understands the value of your time and strives to present you with only property options that closely match your stated needs and goals.
  3. EXPERIENCE: Water quality, aquatic vegetation, lake management techniques, lake associations, watershed runoff, market conditions, etc. These are the items Krista lives and breathes every day. Use her experience of Barrie waterfront real estate to your advantage. A savvy veteran is best suited to prepare you to make the most educated decisions possible.
  4. PASSION: Krista is completely committed to her real estate business. This is what she does; all day, every day. She has the energy and the capacity to work very hard on your behalf to not only get you the home you want, but to provide a smooth and professional home buying experience.
  5. NO COST: All this knowledge and experience is available to you at no cost. The Seller of the property pays for her time, you receive all the benefits. Remember, the Seller’s agent works for the seller and represents their best interests. As your Buyer Agent, Krista represents your best interests and negotiate on your behalf. It is highly discouraged to enter into waterfront real estate negotiations without being represented.