Selling your Barrie Waterfront Home - Keeping Your Cool

So you have decided to sell your Barrie waterfront home, a decision not easily made, and you have jumped through all the necessary hoops to prepare your waterfront property for sale. You have completely de-cluttered, spruced up the landscaping, touched up the paint job, nicely staged and priced properly according to current market comparables. You have vacated the premises on the weekends to allow your agent to host open houses and barked like an army sergeant at the kids to keep the place clean for showings.

Then, your agent calls with the exciting news that you have an offer, but that it is not quite as high as you had hoped. As it turns out, it is not even in the ballpark coming in at 30% below asking price! How dare they? The house looks fantastic, it is clean as a whistle and it is priced at market. Frankly you are furious and insulted. How should you respond?

Human nature would have you tell your agent to just return the offer to the buyer and tell them to come back when they are serious. Here is the thing though. While this is only your first offer , what if it is your last? What if the buyer is legitimate but is a savvy negotiator and is just testing the waters to see how you will react? This is where a seasoned real estate agent can really earn their commission by negotiating intelligently on your behalf and doing whatever they can to keep the deal alive. It is remarkable how deals can have really rocky starts where buyer and seller seem miles apart, yet bit by bit manage to come to an agreement where everyone feels comfortable with the outcome.

Therefore it is important to acknowledge all offers and respond to all offers even if you only budge a tiny fraction off list. Allow your agent and the process to play out and do not judge the buyers potential by their first shot over the bow for your Barrie waterfront home.