What's Going To Be On Your Thanksgiving Table This Year?

Are you in charge of making the turkey this Thanksgiving or dessert? Maybe you are hosting and responsible for the whole meal? Whatever the case, make the holiday a memorable experience by sourcing local products.

The Star of the Show
Any Thanksgiving focuses on the turkey. Area supermarkets abound with standard choices, providing a variety of sizes as well as organic and grain-fed options; but if you want to raise your meal game a level, consider sourcing turkey that has been locally raised. But start early!

Ontario small farms can only raise 50 turkeys per year, providing little return for the effort involved, so farms that take the time to raise and sell turkeys are few and far between. Making a reservation now will ensure you can bring a beautiful turkey home for the holiday.

The Supporting Cast

Whatever your favorite sides include, most can still be found locally as the Ontario harvest season winds down. Locally-sourced potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, greens, and even sweet corn can still be found in abundance. Visit the Simcoe County Farm Fresh page for a list of farms near you with produce available.

Click below to view the Simcoe County Farm Fresh Food Directory

The Encore
If you have the touch to produce flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pie crusts with a delicious holiday-inspired filling, your family is doubly blessed! For those of us who lack that talent or time, local bakers are anxious to treat your family to their delectable offerings. Find your baker early, and be sure to make a reservation, as this is a very busy time of year. 

And Last . .  But Certainly Not Least

Your meal would not be complete without a local beverage, and you can find locally made wines, ciders and beer right in your own backyard. Complementing beverages can be purchased directly from where they are produced, at your local farmer’s market, or simply found in the Ontario section of most LCBO vendors.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy whatever you are eating surrounded by your family and friends.